Support Our Grocers & Help St. Charles

Please save your register receipts from PIGGLY WIGGLY in Hartland/Oconomowoc and SENTRY in Delafield.
St. Charles receives 1% of the receipt totals from all Sentry and Piggly Wiggly receipts. Please use the drop slot located next to the Parish Office to deposit the receipts.

Please do not turn in Pick ‘n Save or McDonald’s receipts, those programs have been discontinued. Also we are not accepting Sendik’s receipts at this time.

PLEASE NOTE:  When turning in your receipts, please remember that we need the whole receipt. Do not cut the bottom off of any receipt or we cannot use it.  Also, please turn in your receipts weekly because they expire after six months. Please do not staple, tape, roll or rubberband them together and keep them as FLAT as possible.  Thank you for supporting St. Charles.