Elizabeth Ministry's New Rosebud Program

Discover this unique way to show respect for the precious blessing of each new life.  This program helps us identify, accompany and pray for couples as they navigate through their childbearing years.  Each rosebud has an appropriate tag attached to correlate with various situations.

Yellow Rosebud – Remembers those waiting to conceive or adopt
Pink Rosebud – Honors pregnancy and unborn babies
Red Rosebud – Celebrates birth and adoptions
White Rosebud – Grieves with families suffering a miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, infant or child death

The Rosebud vase with the roses and directions are set up on a table in the narthex.  All are welcome to take part in this meaningful ministry.

For more information, contact Maria Notch, Baptism Prep Coordinator, (262)367-0800 ext. 215 or mnotch@stcharleshartland.org.