Religious Education Overview


We will search for and develop the best means available to impart the message of Christ in the St. Charles Religious Education Programs for Preschool through High School so that, through a lifelong process of learning about their faith, the young people will experience personal conversion, growth in spirituality, a foundation for living as Catholic Christians in today's world, and integration into the faith life of the parish community.

What is Religious Education?

When we answer Jesus’ call to follow him, we make a commitment to set out on a journey of faith, wherever it leads us.

The experience of Religious Education or Christian Formation is such a journey.  Sometimes we can’t see the goal or the purpose.  Sometimes we “get lost” or take detours.  We take the journey, not so much to reach some kind of stopping place, but to experience the richness of the journey and be changed and transformed by it.

If you are interested in having your children walk with us in faith at St. Charles Parish, please view our information or contact Jan Murphy, Director of Religious Education  for Pre-school - Grade 6.

We also welcome your call if you would like to serve as a catechist to help guide the children along their journey.

Religious Education Opportunities for Children in Preschool-Grade 6

To accommodate the busy schedules of our parish families, as well as taking into consideration the physical space available at various times, we offer the following options for our programs.  Please call the Religious Education office at 367-3277.