First of all, congratulations!!  We are delighted in your good news, and wish to help you as you plan the most important day of your life.  As you make your plans, this information would be useful to keep in mind:  Weddings may be celebrated on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m. and Saturday afternoons at 2:00 p.m.  Exceptions are made only with the permission of the pastor.  For more information, please call the parish office at 262-367-0800 or by email at


Another Wedding?

We probably all know of couples who were not married according to the legal requirements of the Catholic Church.  Perhaps the couple was married in a civil ceremony, or had a “destination wedding.”  Or, if the wife or husband is not Catholic, they were married in the church of the non-Catholic spouse without receiving the necessary dispensation from the Catholic Church.  Perhaps one of the spouses (or both) had been married previously and was not at the time of the new marriage canonically free to marry again.  These are not unique circumstances, nor is it unusual for such couples to wish to have the Catholic Church formally recognize their marriage.  We welcome the opportunity to help these couples.

If you would like to find out more about what is commonly called “having your marriage blessed,” you are encouraged to contact please call the parish office at 262-367-0800 or by email at,  to explore the possibility of convalidating your marriage.  “Convalidation” is the process by which the Church recognizes a marriage that did not previously meet the requirements of canon (church) law.  Each couple’s circumstances differ, of course, calling for different procedures.  The process of convalidating a marriage respects the needs of each couple as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Through it, the couple’s experience of married love is interpreted in a new context – the paschal mystery – the pattern at the heart of every Christian marriage.